We are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer who will work on the further construction of a minimal viable product. The focus of the role will be on the design, development and maintenance of systems and service deployments and a roll out of the DevOps way of working within the team.

The team you will join is developing a completely new web application. It concerns an application in which a lot of data from various sources is processed and eventually shown in different dashboards and reports. The goal is to get a better understanding of end to end processes within technical automation. You can think of dashboards that, for example, indicate how much energy is being generated and whether various devices are in need of replacement, etc.
The Back-end will be developed in Python with Django as framework and the Front-end will be developed in React. The last 6 months a Minimal Viable Product has been set up. The organization is now scaling up and looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer.
Your work will largely consist of designing, developing and maintaining systems and service deployments. In addition, you will ensure a roll-out of the DevOps methodology within the team.
The stack consists of: AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Helmet, Terraform, Rancher, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, ActiveMQ, Redis. Experience with these tooling and techniques is a must.

• Developing and maintaining systems and service deployments (based on AWS/Azure);
• Improving the stability, scalability and security of the application;
• You ensure that the DevOps way of working is embraced by the team;
• Developing well-structured and efficient implementation, monitoring and application management scripts;
• Enabling new features to be quickly deployed without losing sight of the necessary security stability, high availability and performance;
• Setting up monitoring and application management;
• Developing and designing the technical solutions within a SCRUM team.
• You have at least 3 years of work experience as a DevOps Engineer;
• You are experienced with networks, switches, VPN, routing and firewalls;
• You have experience with cloud technologies from different vendors (such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google);
• You have experience with Docker, Kubernetes and related technologies;
• You have experience with ElasticSearch or other application monitoring systems;
• In addition, you have experience with tooling and techniques such as: Terraform, Helmet, Rancher, Azure DevOps, CI/CD pipelines and YAML;
• You are familiar with Agile/Scrum working; Experience with Agile methods and methods
• Considerable experience deploying applications on Linux / UNIX systems;
• You speak and write fluent Dutch and English.

1. You will be employed by our own company in the Netherlands, our company pays taxes for you and guarantee your net salary. (Salary depends on your skills and experience)
2. We provide an accommodation for you.
3. In the first week upon arrival, you will sign an official employment agreement, sign a rental agreement, and get a tax number.
4. We pay your salary on the 8th of the next month

5. If interested, send a CV to: office@gm-hragency.com
Tel. for contact: +359 877 100 481
+359 877 100 497
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