Една от водещите компании за електронна търговия в света , обявява свободни позиции DELIVERY DRIVER (GERMANY ) English B1 or German
Gross Hourly wage
12,80 € + netto 10€/ workingday
Payment schedule per month
Payment method Bank Transfer (Empolyees must posses own bank account! EUR account is suggested)
Advance payment After 1-2weeks possible
Contract After arrival at the accomodation
First vacation: after 2-3 months BUT upon discussed with employer Overtime
Overtime work is possible upon discussed with supervisor or office coordinator
Criminal record
Needed ( If you dont have in your hand, thats not a problem, but you must provide a document that you have already requested )
German taxnumber The office deals with the registration.
Arrival date Only on Friday or Saturday, first workday on monday Arrival location:
Job description: liaising with clients
package delivery
IMPORTANT: You dont have to order-picking, you just need to make the route with GPS. Package can be 20kg.
Working hours: 38-45
Start of shift Based on shift planning
Weekend shift: Monday – Saturday (sometimes long weekend possible)
Training: 4 days
Work environment: You will drive Fiat
Working clothes and shoes: Comfortable, warm clothes
Difficulty of work: middle (you have to be strong and fast, multitasking
Cost and type of accomodation:
350€-450€ in TOTAL. Deducted from gross salary. 2 people in 1 room, 2-3 bedroom house or flat.
Room arrangement: 6-8 person in TOTAL, 2 person/room
Wifi / Internet access Available
Laundry room and kitchen: Available
Distance between accomodation and workplace: up to 30 km
Transport/commuting: Every 4th peple need a car
Personal use of supplies:
Company car use upon authorization. Bikes can be used without limitations
General conditions:
Always keep accomodation and company items clean
Cleaning and detergents:
Everyone is responsible for cleaning after himself/herself
Travel cost/Arrival time
Self financed, Only on Friday or saturday
• ID (both side)
• English or german CV
• Criminal record (if you have already in hand, if not then some documents which proove that you have already requested)
• German taxnumber / if you already have
• Bank document (we must see the number and name as well) If you dont have your own account, the company help you, but you must to know that it can take long process, until that time you wont be able to recive any payment! ( so we STRONGLY RECOMEND to have bankaccount)
Моля, при проявен интерес изпращайте Автобиография на: office@gm-hragency.com
Тел. за контакт: +359 877 100 481, +359 877 100 497
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